Caragabal Bird Art

As part of a collaborative initiative between Caragabal Progress Group, Weddin Landcare and Caragabal Public School with funding assistance from Central West Local Land Services, this project will install a modern, fine artwork depicting local threatened or iconic bird species within the village of Caragabal.

The project will see local primary school students from Caragabal Public School research and choose the bird species to be included on the artwork, with a focus on local endangered and threatened species. The students will also participate in an educational talk later in the year to learn more about threatened species and what can be done to help save them.

The artwork will be designed by professional artists Camila De Gregorio and Chris Macaluso who operate a Sydney based illustration and design studio called Eggpicnic, which is devoted to wildlife conservation. They are really making a name for themselves in Sydney through the Creative City Sydney program! Chris and Camilla have been drawn to the project through annual bird surveys they participate in around Grenfell.

The artwork by Eggpicnic will be modern, bright and meaningful and will create a focal point that provides inspiration and celebrates something local while raising awareness about our unique birdlife that is at risk of disappearing if we don’t do something.

We can’t wait to unveil the artwork later in the year!