Carbon Farming and Dung Beetle Field Day

Central West Local Land Services, together with Weddin Landcare are hosting a field day on Thursday 17 February with industry leading experts to showcase the importance of dung beetles and the development of soil carbon projects.

The field day will be held at ‘Caragabal West’, 5847 Mid-Western Hwy Caragabal, where property owners have been monitoring dung beetles following recent flooding and have found good counts in paddocks grazed by their cattle and horses.

“Dung beetles are incredible insects that play a key role in ecosystems and can significantly improve soil, plant and even animal health by reducing the spread of diseases and pest insects such as bush flies. They can be worth $100/Ha to your operation” says Will Thorncraft, Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator for Central West Local Land Services.

The field day will feature presentations from Dr Russ Barrows from Charles Sturt University on  the economic and environmental benefits of dung beetles as well as Kieren Whittock from AgriProve, who are facilitators on soil carbon projects.

“Australian Carbon Credit Unit prices have risen from $24 per unit in September 2021 to $58 per unit in January 2022” Mr. Thorncraft said.

“By carrying out the right farming techniques that focus on storing soil carbon, farmers have the potential to store 10-20 ACCU per Ha per year, which at their current value amounts to around $1600 per Ha per year. This has already been demonstrated by different farmers in the NSW area” he said.

A bush tucker lunch will be provided on the day, hosted by a the Central West Senior Land Services officer for Aboriginal Communities.

To attend this FREE event, please register by 4th February by clicking here or contacting Will Thorncraft (Central West Local Land Services) on 0428 218 938