Disc vs Tyne Trial

In 2008 Weddin Landcare implemented the Disc vs Tyne Trial. The project recorded a number of soil measurements in order to detect any differences between two different seeding methods – disc seeder and tyne seeder. This was further split between grazed by sheep versus no grazing.

The following measurements were conducted over 36 sites within the study area beginning in 2010:

  • Rainfall simulation – Runoff and sediment loss on stubble covered plots were measured for all the sites. All weeds were removed so only stubble remained. A rainfall rate of 50 mm/hr was applied for approximately 40 minutes until steady state infiltration was obtained.
  • A recording cone penetrometer was used to measure soil resistance to 750 cm at 25 mm intervals with soil moistures at 0-10, 10-20, 20-40 and 40-60 cm. This was done between and in the sowing rows.
  • Bulk density was measured at three depths – 0-5 cm, 5-10 cm and 10-15 cm.

This project sought to understand the impact these systems have on soil properties and characteristics. The final results for the Disc Vs Tyne are still being compiled.