Keeping Cats Safe at Home

Weddin Landcare is working together with Weddin Shire Council and RSPCA NSW to deliver the Keeping Cats Safe at Home project within the Weddin Shire, which is being funded by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.

The project will run over the next four years and aims to reduce the impact pet cats have on wildlife and improve domestic cats’ health and safety by encouraging responsible cat ownership, particularly by keeping cats safe at their homes.

The first stage of the project will involve extensive consultation with a variety of stakeholders including veterinarians, cat owners, wildlife groups, animal welfare groups and the general community to identify some of the local drivers and barriers to adopting responsible cat ownership behaviours. As part of this, community members are encouraged to submit their views about cats and how they are managed via the survey link below. The survey will be open until the end of October 2021.

Click here to complete the survey

A tailored behaviour change strategy will then be developed and implemented in the Weddin Shire over the next few years. The strategy adopted will be informed by the stakeholder consultation but will likely involve a variety of approaches to encourage responsible cat ownership including:

  • developing individual targeted marketing campaigns, combining social media, traditional print media, school curriculum-linked incursion programs and community engagement events.
  • subsidising desexing and microchipping services or other incentives for individual cat owners to facilitate the containment of cats

If you would like to become more involved in the project to help guide the strategy for our Shire, please contact Dr. Gemma Ma (0490 431 554; or Weddin Shire Council Ranger, Allison Knowles (02 6343 1212;

This project has been assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.

RSPCA NSW is a community-based, not-for-profit, animal welfare charity that protects, cares for, treats and rehomes animals across New South Wales.