Weddin Community Native Nursery

Weddin Community Native Nursery (WCNN) is a not-for-profit organisation managed by volunteers, and is a sub-committee of Weddin Landcare. The Nursery specialises in the propagation of plants endemic to the Weddin Shire and plays an important role in preserving the unique flora found within the local district.

Most volunteers have completed a TAFE Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management and continue to update their skills. Volunteers are involved in seed collection across the shire they propagate the cleaned seed at the Nursery, as well as undertaking cuttings and division. Nursery volunteers also conduct educational activities to inform a variety of community groups and individuals about the benefits, qualities and uses of local native plants.

The Nursery is located at 43 East Street Grenfell NSW, and is open from 9.00 am to 12 noon Monday to Friday.

The Nursery is dependent on volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about Weddin Shire’s amazing flora and would like to help through volunteering your time please visit the Nursery during operating hours or contact the number below.

Contact details:


Phone: 0456 879 481


Weddin Community Native Nursery brochure

Photos by Denise Yates

Download the Going Going… Gone! publication that features the unique but threatened flora of the Grenfell Shire.

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